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Global Navigation Satellite SystemENSPEC can map and assess thousands of trees over large areas to generate accurate up-to-date maps and databases using GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Geographic Information System). ENSPEC is highly experienced, having mapped and assessed trees and other assets for a wide variety of clients in Australia and overseas. Managers can investigate the resulting databases to accurately assess their current inventory of tree species, condition, maintenance needs and costs.

ENSPEC innovatively uses the latest versions of hardware and software to provide the best mapping and GIS systems available in the world.

A satellite navigation system with global coverage is termed a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and sends signals to instruments that become part of a Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS-enabled devices use the satellite signals to locate their position on earth. A fully trained and experienced ENSPEC operator uses a GPS-enabled device to find the exact position of a tree. The location is then stored in memory and the operator moves on to the next tree and repeats the process. The combination of ENSPEC’s reflective lasers and GPS devices allow the accurate location of trees in the most difficult terrain.

ENSPEC post-processes all GNSS data to ensure a high level of accuracy is achieved in all situations. ENSPEC can provide co ordinates with 10 mm accuracy with our systems.

ENSPEC can also locate trees using existing GIS datasets including orthoimagery (aerial photography), property and street data. GIS-based methods are particularly effective in suburban and city areas. GIS accurately relates tree location to existing datasets and can automatically draw information from these datasets, efficiently providing comprehensive relational databases for clients.


As well as the precise location, a broad range of information such as tree species, health, height, canopy and trunk diameter, photographs, planting location or power line clearance can be captured during the survey. The resulting database is a powerful tool for managing trees and estimating works such as pruning and planting.

To rapidly and accurately record the locations of many trees over large areas ENSPEC operates quad bikes fitted with computers, GNSS units and reflective lasers. Due to their unique and safe setup all ENSPEC quad bikes are registered for road use.

 ENSPEC systems are compatible with commercial programs such as MapInfo, Geobasemap (GBM Software), ESRI Arcview/Arcpad, Autocad and Pathfinder.

ENSPEC has the ability to establish and manage customized GIS-based tree management data systems to actively manage the client’s tree maintenance and planting operations. Data can be collected by ENSPEC personnel or by the client’s own staff, or by a combination of the two. ENSPEC’s remote data management capability means that the client’s data is processed and returned quickly, keeping crews working and keeping the client in the project driver’s seat.

ENSPEC systems ensure the client has accurate and up-to-date data at all times, as well as archived and traceable data to manage risk. ENSPEC can provide experienced project oversight as well as hardware and software systems that can stand alone or be integrated into the client’s existing management systems.

The GIS system allows for live transfer of data from the field that can be used to guide tree crews and contractors. ENSPEC can automate the processing of data, automate report writing and provide cost effective GIS programs for managing trees.

ENSPEC provides tree mapping and GIS services that use the most advanced technology available in the world.

 ENSPEC can provide a comprehensive service from start to finish, including field data collection, database development and final report generation. This integrated service includes GIS overlays that are compatible with existing systems used by clients. ENSPEC can complement this with onsite printing of hard copy maps and plans up to A0 size.

ENSPEC employs an Information Technology expert with a high level of experience in database and mapping software to cope with this rapidly developing technology and provide the most innovative and effective solutions to the client.

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