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Achieving high quality, cost effective, low risk outcomes relies on contractors and systems working to a high level of efficiency and quality. To achieve these high quality outcomes, strong, independent systems auditing and contract compliance monitoring is required.

ENSPEC is a highly dedicated and experienced specialist arboricultural and environmental consultancy company. ENSPEC does not have operational crews or affiliations with operational companies, which provides ENSPEC with an unmatched level of independence in the fields of arboricultural and environmental consultancy. Combined with ENSPEC’s extensive in-house experience in all aspects of tree management including local and State government, works supervision, contract management and power line management, ENSPEC has the unique ability to provide truly independent quality and compliance auditing services to clients.

ENSPEC can help the client to cost effectively achieve maximum quality by:

  • Providing independent specialist advice on new or existing contracts and tenders
  • Reviewing and improving existing work systems and contracts
  • Reviewing, developing and implementing quality management systems
  • Independent auditing for contract compliance

When conducting quality audits ENSPEC generally works to a random sampling methodology that is tailored to each client’s specific project. There are four sampling methodologies that we use, all of which are in accordance with all standards.


By using sampling methodologies the cost of audits is dramatically reduced, whilst still meeting the same outcome as completing a full audit. In simple terms the sampling rate can start at a percentage of inspections. If the contractor is meeting the specifications over a period of time the sampling rate could be reduced to less than 10%. If non-conformances are continually found then the sample rate will increase, as the contractor is continually not meeting specification.

ENSPEC auditing and contract compliance systems are based on comprehensive, verifiable data collected in the field and recorded electronically. Data is collected spatially so trends can be seen on GIS overlays.

All reports to the client have comprehensive statistical analyses along with detailed information on the non-conformances.

These systems ensure that clients always have a strong and defendable position in negotiations with their contractors.

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