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ENSPEC uses tree props to provide structural support for valuable trees that may be leaning or have heavy side branches. Tree props can be used to preserve trees that are in danger of failing, and to reduce risk by stabilising trees in public places thereby providing a safe environment.

ENSPEC is a leader in tree propping systems that help to safely preserve trees in parks and public areas.  ENSPEC has designed its own unique locking headstock and floating base plate system that gently supports the tree or branch so that the tree can withstand any structural loads. The propping system is designed to work with all trees; it is tamper proof, unobtrusive and guaranteed to last many years.

The headstock is designed to adapt to any size trunk or limb and is fitted to the tree with secure connections that gently provide support without damaging the bark. The props are adjustable in height to allow for changes in the tree’s structure over time, and can be adjusted for all trees and branches.

The floating base plate is designed to support up to 20 tonnes of weight on the soil and to distribute the load over a wide area so there are no high pressure points and no need to dig holes.


The ENSPEC propping system can safely support leaning trees that are at risk of falling over and heavy branches at risk of breaking. Trees at risk of injuring people or damaging buildings and assets (e.g. park benches, BBQs) can be made safe using the propping system, eliminating the need to prune or remove the tree and thereby maintaining the tree’s aesthetic integrity. This system can provide a safe environment around trees in public areas and is an unobtrusive and cost effective alternative to fencing off these areas.
Highly skilled and experienced ENSPEC staff assess the tree and calculate the structural loads. Each prop is designed for a specific tree or branch to ensure the prop and base can support the tree loads on the ground.
ENSPEC’s unique propping system is simply and quickly installed without the need for any major earth works or digging.

ENSPEC has successfully propped many trees in parks and public areas ensuring the trees are structurally supported and made safe. These trees have survived for many years and they continue to provide beauty and shade into old age.

ENSPEC is proud to have developed a non invasive propping system that saves trees for the enjoyment of current and future generations.


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