Welcome to ENSPEC

Arboricultural & Environmental Consultants

ENSPEC takes pride in being one of the very few independent, specialist companies in the world that focus on core arboricultural, environmental and ecological practices. ENSPEC does not undertake services such as tree pruning, removal, planting, pest management spraying or fertilising of plants. This ensures ENSPEC’s independence when providing information to our clients.

Please take the time to view ENSPEC’s extensive list of professional services. Our broad range of skills and experience will provide you with effective and practical management of your trees and the environment.

ENSPEC Clients include

  • Local Government Authorities and Municipalities
  • Government and Private Utilities
  • State and Federal Regulatory Bodies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government Agencies (Federal and State)
  • Research Institutes
  • Commercial and Industrial Companies (by referral)

ENSPEC offers a wide range of specific services

these include but are not limited to:

  • Arboricultural, Environmental & Ecological  Assessments, Consultancy & Management Plans
  • Heritage, Significant & Cultural Tree Assessments and Management Reports
  • Strategic and Policy Management Plans
  • Municipality & Utility Vegetation Project Management
  • Contract Compliance Auditing
  • Fungi Identification including DNA Laboratory Services
  • Natural Antagonistic Laboratory Testing & Growth Services
  • Diagnostic Testing & Assessment
  • Electric Impedance Testing
  • Wood Strength Testing Compression and Tension
  • Soil, Bulk Density, Water Infiltration and Moisture Testing
  • Tree Propping and Stabilisation
  • Tree Health, Risk & Hazard Assessment and Management Reports
  • Ecology, Flora, Fauna & Vegetation Net gain Assessments & Plans
  • Forensic Investigations and Expert Court Witness Statements
  • Bushfire Recovery Project Assessments & Management
  • Soil & Plant Tissue Laboratory Testing Services
  • GNSS - GIS Tree Surveys - all sized projects
  • RADAR – Root Mapping, Archaeological, Soil Profiling, Utility Mapping
  • Sonic Tomograph Testing
  • Tree & Root Plate Dynamic and Static Stability Testing
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements (H-Pea)
  • Natural Fertigation Batching Service
  • Silva Structural Cell, Design and Management



ENSPEC’s head office and operational facility is located in Melbourne, Australia. This complex incorporates our own scientific laboratory dedicated to the Urban green infrastructure where invitro and controlled research trials are being continuously conducted.  Our laboratory offers a range of services including field and DNA fungi identification, and soil and plant tissue testing and analysis.

ENSPEC is in partnership with several government authorities undertaking research on Dynamic Loading of trees, and natural antagonists to prevent tree diseases.

ENSPEC's facilities and ongoing research projects, plus owning and operating the world’s most diverse, innovative and up-to-date range of scientific diagnostic and quantitative measuring equipment and systems has seen ENSPEC credibility grow to a world industry leader in urban ecological management to the Urban built environment.


Please click to download our full Company Overview pdf document.